Unseen Poetry Practice

For homework, year 11 have to comment on the unseen poem in the comments section below. The rules are simple:

  • Read other comments before you post, we don’t want any repeated ideas!
  • Use a quotation from the poem to support your view.
  • Make a comment on language, structure, ideas, themes or opinions.
  • Try to  develop your answer as much as you can.

You can ask a question to get others thinking. There will be a prize for the most constructive answers!

If you want a challenge, attempt a response to this question: ‘What are the poets’ feelings about their house? How are these feelings presented?’ (30 minutes)

Good Luck!


Exploring Connections in Poetry

As part of our literature exam revision, we began to look at connections between poems in the Character and Voice poetry cluster. To get us started, we chose a word from a group of cut up headlines and considered which poems relate to it.


After this, we were assigned a theme in pairs and had to begin a comparison of two poems under that theme. We created a poster linked to AO3:

make comparisons and explain links between
texts, evaluating writers’ different ways of
expressing meaning and achieving effects

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It was a useful activity that enabled us to take a closer look at similarities and differences between poems. Here is a list of ‘clusters’ that we have explored: