Revision Links: Macbeth

As part of your revision for Macbeth, watch these videos:

Full audio book:

Film: Royal Shakespeare Company, Macbeth:

60 Second Recap playlist:

Thug notes:

These websites are also excellent:




Year 10 Literature Coursework

Assessment Objectives:

  • žAnalyse texts in an imaginative way; choose and explore quotations to support your interpretations.
  • žExplore the writers’ language; the way the texts are structured; and the form of writing.  How do these link with the ideas, themes and settings?
  • žMake comparisons and explain links between texts, evaluating writers’ different ways of expressing meaning.  What effect do these have on the reader/audience?
  • žExplore the context of the texts: how are they influenced by the time/place in which they are set or were written?  How have these texts influenced other writers or had an impact on our culture today?

Mark Scheme:

lit mark CA scheme

Free will or Fate?

Hello year ten! For homework tonight, I want you to consider your own philosophies. In particular, I want you to consider your beliefs regarding the future – is it in your hands or are there bigger forces at work?

Do you believe in Free will or Fate?

fate or free will

You should consider why you believe more in one idea and the other, but also consider what the pitfalls of each belief are.

We will discuss this in class tomorrow, but you could spark a conversation by adding to the comments box below.