Character and Voice Poetry Word Clouds

For last minute revision use these wordles to focus on specific words in the Character and Voice poetry cluster. When looking at them consider:

  • Word Frequency – bigger words appear more often in the poem. What is the effect?
  • Word choices – which words stand out to you and why?

On a Portrait of a Deaf Man

deaf man wordle

My Last Duchess

duchess wordle


Give wordle

The Horse Whisperer

horse wordle

The Hunchback in the Park

hunchback wordle

Les Grands Seigneurs

les grands wordle


ozy wordle

The River God

river wordle

Singh Song

singh wordle

The Ruined Maid

ruined wordle

Happy Revising 🙂

Creating Detailed Poetry Comparision

Today, we have been practising writing up developed analytical paragraphs for various questions in the Character and Voice poetry cluster. We started by reminding ourselves of features to compare:


Then we looked at the mark scheme:

mark scheme poetry

And Ms Ryan modelled an example paragraph:

Practise paragraph

We then worked, mostly in pairs, on different exam questions seeing how we could meet the requirements of the assessment: embed quotations, make imaginative comparisons, comment on language/structure/themes/ideas. Here are a few examples of what we came up with:

Compare imagery in On a Portrait of a Deaf Man and Medusa…

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Compare structure in My Last Duchess and Singh Song!

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Rhea was late, but managed to write a detailed comparison of imagery in Les Grand Seigneurs, building on Ms Ryan’s model paragraph from the start of the lesson:

Rhea - Imagery


Overall, Ms Ryan was very impressed with the quality of our work and hopes that we can continue creating such detailed comparisons of the poems as part of our revision programme.