Comparing ‘Checking out me History’ and ‘Singh Song!’: Part Two

Today we recapped two poems from the anthology; Checking out me History (Agard) and Singh Song! (Nagra). First we listened to Singh Song! being read by Daljit Nagra then we worked through it line by line. We repeated the process with Checking out me History. As we did this, we were able draw out direct comparisons and contrasts regarding the structure and tone in the poems.

Here are some slides from the lesson with detailed interpretations of the poems and prompts for language analysis:

Singh Song!:

singh 1

singh 2

Singh 3

Checking out me History:

history 1

history 2

history 3

After this close reading, we began to search for evidence to compare the two poems. Students are asked to Go for Gold by completing this and writing a detailed comparison of the structure and tone of each poem. The prompts on this slide will help:

singh history compare

Student responses to this question will be displayed on this site soon.

Lesson Preparation: Checking out me History and Singh Song!


Tomorrow we will compare ‘Checking out me History’ (Agard) and ‘Singh Song!’ (Nagra). To prepare for this, here are some activities to complete:

Read each poem: both a few times, add to your annotations.

Visit BBC Bitesize for useful analysis videos: Checking out me History   Singh Song!

Consider these questions:

How do both poets structure their ideas and what effect does this have?

How do both poets use dialect in to create distinctive voices?

How do the ideas/themes in each poem contrast with each other and to what effect?

Which poem do you personally prefer and why?