An Inspector Calls – from Ms Jex

Although Ms Ryan’s class are not studying ‘An Inspector Calls’, many students at our school are. To help with your revision on this topic, Mrs Jex has kindly provided the following resources for our blog:


CHARACTERS: AIC_character_revision_notes


CONTEXT 1: An Inspector Calls using context

CONTEXT 2: An_Inspector_Calls_Historical_and_Social_context – for merge

QUOTATIONS: quotations AIC

PRIESTLEY: what priestley believes

Literature Mark Schemes

Your first literature exam is tomorrow, why not take a look at the mark schemes for the exam to see what you need to do?

The Crucible/An Inspector Calls:

Crucible-Inspector Mark Scheme

Of Mice and Men:

omam mark scheme

Don’t forget that you are also awarded for the quality of your written communication, so remember to keep writing accurate and coherent. There are 4 extra marks available:

lit SPaG