It’s been a musical week in G9. There isn’t much to report from our class today, since we had a literature mock (sigh). Miss Ryan is looking forward to reading our essays, hoping that our hard work is falling into place.

We did begin the lesson by thinking about our ‘about us’ section of the blog. It seemed a little primary school, with lists of what we like and loathe. Most of us decided to adapt our section, choosing quotations, philosophies and dreams that represent us. Gregg’s new ‘about me’ had Miss¬†reminiscing about her GCSE days. She got pretty freaked out about the fact that it had been 14 years since she left school. That didn’t last long, soon we were the ones freaked out by her (awful) rendition of the chorus. We didn’t get time to listen to it, so here it is:

Special Mentions today for:

  • Chandni
  • Shruti
  • Savena
  • Gregg
  • Dixita

Who have all completed extra practice papers in their own time. They have shown a great independent attitude to revision and are making the most of Miss’ offer to mark anything for the next one and a half weeks!

English language students were each given a copy of today’s i newspaper. It will be used for revision next week.